[seqfan] Re: Boris Stechkin and A055004

Don Reble djr at nk.ca
Fri Aug 19 22:56:05 CEST 2016

> A055004 is titled "Boris Stechkin's function". It has a reference to R.
> K. Guy, Unsolved Problems Number Theory, A17. No formula is given, but
> according to the Maple code (which does match the Data) it would be
> a(n) = Sum_{m=2..n} (m-1)*floor(n*(m-1)/m).
> But ... A17 of "Unsolved Problems in Number Theory" refer[s] to the function
> S(n) = # {m: 2 <= m <= n, (m-1) | floor(n(m-1)/m)}

    Robert is right. (Editors: see the original post for more.)

Don Reble  djr at nk.ca

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