[seqfan] a(n) = number of terms of n-th finite OEIS sequence

Felix Fröhlich felix.froe at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 21:06:57 CET 2016

Dear Sequence fans

The OEIS already contains several sequences counting something in n-th OEIS
sequence or giving A-numbers of sequences with a specific property. I found
the following sequences of this type: A039928, A053169, A051070, A053873,
A091967, A107357, A102288,  A100543, A100544, A111198, A111157, A250219,

So here is another idea for such a sequence:

Number of terms of n-th finite integer sequence in the OEIS.

Several questions: Would that sequence be acceptable? Are there enough
initial known terms so that the sequence can be added?

Best regards

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