[seqfan] Re: A new sequence in Dutch magazine "Pythagoras"

Jack Brennen jfb at brennen.net
Thu Dec 1 22:51:29 CET 2016

To compute a(n)...

Start with X=n^2.
Repeatedly iterate X = X - ceil(X/n) until you get to zero.

a(n) is the number of iterations you took to get to zero.

It does seem such a simply defined sequence that it's hard to
imagine how it avoided inclusion so far.  :)

- Jack

On 12/1/2016 12:00 PM, Neil Sloane wrote:
> Dear Sequence Fans, In the June 2016 issue of Pythagoras
> on pages 20 and 21 there is a new sequence from Pim Spelier.
> See http://www.pyth.eu/jaargangen/Pyth55-6.pdf
> It looks like Pythagoras had a competition to
> find the best sequence not in the OEIS,
> and this was the winner.  I think we should
> add it to the OEIS, but my Dutch is not good enough
> to give a clear definition.
> Maybe someone who speaks Dutch would be willing to submit the sequence (if
> so, please tell me the A-number).
> Thanks to Omar Pol who found the magazine (there is also an article about
> the toothpick sequence A139250).
> --
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