[seqfan] Re: What are the possible digit-sums for Fibonacci numbers?

Don Reble djr at nk.ca
Tue Dec 27 22:07:37 CET 2016

> ...looking at Fibonacci(n) mod 100 (periodic with period 300, see
> A001175) might tell us something about whether digit sum 6 happens.

    Almost, njas. Look modulo 10^k-1.
    If a number N has (base ten) digit sum S < 9, then N modulo 10^k-1
    also has digit sum S. Modulo 9999, the Fib sequence has period 600,
    and there's nothing with digit-sum 6, so A067182(6) isn't.

Don Reble  djr at nk.ca

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