[seqfan] Re: Sleuthing for xrefs

israel at math.ubc.ca israel at math.ubc.ca
Fri Jan 29 22:16:09 CET 2016

In A001936, A0082304 should be  A082304 (mentioned in Formula section).
In A198680, I think A15870 should be A157970.
In A217099, A2069254 should be A206924 (it's between A206923 and A206925).
In A219332/3, A0615576 should be A061576 (xref'd by A219334).
In A258279,  A0002175 should be A002175 (mentioned in Formula section).
In A058095, A1112146 should be  A112146 (mentioned in Formula section).


On Jan 29 2016, Charles Greathouse wrote:

>I was looking at cross-references of some sequences recently and I noticed
>that there are several dozen with invalid A-numbers there. I was able to
>fix many of them but there are some which are obscure. Any ideas about
>A001936, A198680, A217099, A219332/A219333, A258279, A058095.
>(There are more which remain, but these are the ones I looked at
>Charles Greathouse
>Case Western Reserve University
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