[seqfan] Re: OEIS attacked by spammers again

Joerg Arndt arndt at jjj.de
Wed Jul 20 19:11:53 CEST 2016

These Arschgeburten will (at the moment) very likely only try to leave
their trash in the Wiki.  Sequence editing is to tedious for them.

If I can get a list of newly created pages in the Wiki via Email
I'll try to take care of things (other can help; thanks).

Best regards,   jj

* Neil Sloane <njasloane at gmail.com> [Jul 20. 2016 18:40]:
> To Seq Fans
> Olivier, please re-post to the other list(s)
> I just deleted 50 or so Quickbook pages created by "Rahul Singh"
> I blocked "Rahul Singh" at once
> The spammer has also submitted 20 or so new applications to register with
> the OEIS.
> One was from John Conway.  Another one used my own biography.
> A sure sign is the mention of geneological research in the application.
> But the fingerprint of his attacks keeps changing
> Let me know if you see anything suspicious.
> I am especially worried about malicious edits to sequences - please be very
> careful
> when approving edits.
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