[seqfan] signed sequences without %V in internal format

Moritz Firsching moritz at math.fu-berlin.de
Tue Mar 15 14:59:42 CET 2016

Dear Seq fans,

 since I am new to this mailing list, this might have come up already.
Is there a way to search the archive of this mailing list?

I have noticed that there are many (in fact 180, see list attached
below) sequences that have the keyword "sign", but the internal format
does not contain lines for %V (nor %W and %X). Is this the intended

>From reading https://oeis.org/eishelp1.html I didn't quite understand
the policy on sequences that eventually have negative values but none of
the first terms are negative, e.g. https://oeis.org/A005444 .
They should have the label "sign", right?
Shouldn't they also have the lines %V, %W, %X in their internal format?
The sequence A005444 hasn't:

If I understand correctly: if a sequence contains both the keyword
"sign" and doesn't have a values for "%V", then either

 - a line for %V should be added, if the sequence realy is signed (e.g.
 A005444 ) or

 - the sign keyword should be removed, otherwise (e.g. A182262 )

I have another question, just to understand better how the internal
format for signed sequences works:

On the help page https://oeis.org/eishelp1.html, there is an example
given with signs: https://oeis.org/A000594 .
If you click on "internal format" you get to the page
https://oeis.org/A000594/internal . Here the lines %S, %T, %U are
signed. (This makes it a bit hard to understand the help page...)
But if one accesses the internal format via
we get the lines %V, %W, %X as predicted.
I suspect that clicking the "internal format" link, the lines %S, %T, %U
are filled with the values in %V, %W, %X and those are not displayed in
the case of a signed sequence. Is this observation correct?

Best wishes

A005444, A006729, A006730, A006742, A006809, A009196, A009268, A009542,
A012162, A012262, A012610, A012769, A012804, A012821, A013091, A013517,
A014590, A014646, A014856, A014922, A014988, A015076, A015088, A015120,
A015142, A015166, A015186, A015208, A015252, A015270, A015322, A015348,
A015400, A015406, A015420, A015426, A015450, A015478, A015516, A015522,
A015538, A015582, A015586, A015648, A015658, A015660, A015670, A015700,
A015712, A015726, A015736, A015760, A015790, A015802, A015816, A015828,
A015846, A015852, A015862, A015868, A015912, A015918, A015928, A015930,
A015946, A015966, A015972, A015978, A016000, A016042, A016050, A016056,
A016080, A016110, A016128, A016132, A016156, A016168, A016180, A016236,
A016240, A016258, A033809, A033885, A034415, A034598, A038698, A040076,
A046067, A046068, A052435, A055458, A056598, A056599, A056601, A057192,
A057427, A057752, A059571, A061053, A062825, A066520, A067857, A072203,
A083453, A086144, A088819, A091174, A091750, A091751, A091758, A092243,
A097563, A102261, A103222, A110857, A112632, A118480, A118804, A120545,
A120546, A120547, A120548, A120549, A120550, A120551, A120552, A120554,
A120555, A120559, A121573, A130119, A133097, A137419, A139367, A139368,
A154752, A157809, A157812, A157827, A157920, A157930, A157945, A157946,
A157965, A158063, A158211, A158216, A158505, A158516, A158530, A158531,
A158532, A158635, A158819, A158925, A161808, A161905, A165510, A165511,
A165597, A168140, A169757, A174695, A175150, A178957, A179230, A179405,
A181873, A182101, A182262, A182399, A183065, A184005, A185289, A189981,
A194591, A194606, A194636, A199480

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