[seqfan] More rows of triangle in A271100?

David Corneth davidacorneth at gmail.com
Fri May 13 17:47:02 CEST 2016

Hi Felix et all,

Maybe, A009996 can be of help. I put an algorithm there to find numbers
with digits in nonincreasing order. This algorithm uses an upperbound for
the highest digit, namely 9 as we're in base 10. This could be set to any
maximum you like. If you have a set of 5 elements,To go from nonincreasing
to strictly decreasing, you could add (4,3,2,1,0) to the nonincreasing
tuple. E.g. If you have (7,6,6,5,2) as a non-increasing tuple then adding
(4,3,2,1,0) gives you (11,9,8,6,2). Note the upperlimit using this method.

It may seem you have a lot of tuples to check, but you can probably largely
trim that number after finding an incongruence by skipping a lot of next


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