[seqfan] Re: More rows of triangle in A271100?

David Corneth davidacorneth at gmail.com
Fri May 20 18:10:10 CEST 2016

Hi Bruce et all,

I think more terms would be nice. Looking at the first terms, it arises
some questions to me;
- For n > 0, does an n-tuple exist? If so than a least one exists.
- For n > 5, the n-th tuple is the (n-1)th tuple with one prime places
appropriately; such that the primes are in descending order. This pattern
eventually stops for this 'streak' of tuples, but does it occur similarily
more often?
- Do all primes occur as some m_n?
Perhaps if possible more terms would be nice. 10000 terms wouldn't hurt
OEIS I'd say, though maybe it would hurt your stack. If you like I can
search for some more arcs for your algorithm. In PARI, I don't see a good
way to search for digraphs.


On Wed, May 18, 2016 at 10:50 AM, Bruce Leenstra <maybeso83 at gmail.com>

> Hello David,
> I cleaned up and compressed my program, so I added a listing to the
> sequence entry. I also generated a b-file with 300 entries (24-tuple).
> But its missing the last LF so it detects only 299. Do I re-upload it,
> or let the reviewer fix it?
> I left it as a draft and added a note, so you can take a look by clicking
> edit.
> Is 24 rows enough? (pascals triangle has 400+ for 10k terms!) I can
> generate more, at least until it blows the stack.
> Do any of the related sequences need more terms? Though I guess the
> digraph won't help as much as it did here.
> Regards,
> Bruce
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