[seqfan] Sequences in context, again.

Antti Karttunen antti.karttunen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 21:52:12 CET 2016

Here are more instances of the fact that the matches do not need to be
exact to be interesting.
Two pairs of "context neighbours" sequences that I found today:

First, a pair of sequences, one from Leroy Quet and the other from
Peter Luschny, both obviously related to base-2 system:


As another "unknown cousins" pair, we have A249568 from Zak Seidov and
A277888 that I myself submitted today:

Note that the apart from 1499, 383 all terms up to A249568(12) = 8627
(thus ten in total) can be found in A277888.
And clearly those two sequences have very similar thematic contexts.

So I have invented a name for these cases: they are
"semi-coincidences". Although a semi-coincidence is a coincidence, it
is not that for no reason (just because of some random happenstances),
but definitely because there is some common ground between the

Best regards,


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