[seqfan] Connection between A116640, A165355, and A067745?

Joe Slater seqfan at slatermold.com
Wed Nov 23 12:19:54 CET 2016

If you take A116640 by rows (each row being 2^k elements long) the sums of
each row appear to follow the formula s(n)=(6n+20)*4^(n-1).
E.g., 5; 7+19=26; 11+23+29+65=128; etc.

If you reduce these values by the highest possible power of 2 then s(n)
appears to be equal to A067745(n+3).

Additionally, if you reduce s(n) by a factor of 2 when n is odd, 4 when n
is even, then s(n) appears to be equal to A165355(n+3).


Joe Slater

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