[seqfan] Partition into Bus Route

zbi74583.boat at orange.zero.jp zbi74583.boat at orange.zero.jp
Thu Oct 20 05:24:16 CEST 2016

    Hi, Seqfans
    I computed the term  of A131709 again
    The result is the following
    a(n) : 1,4,14,104,....
    I am sure that the seqence lacks the second term "4"

    I haven't found the formula for A131709
    But I think B(G) satisfy   the following
    Product_i M(V_i)<=B(G)<=Product_i M(V_i)+Sum_k ({Number of terminal of
Cycle_k}-1)*B(Co G)

    Where B(G) is number of partition into Bus Route of G
          M(V) is Matching number of degree of V
          Co G is co graph of G


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