[seqfan] Re: Proof of Legendre's Conjecture? and a request for advice

Bob Selcoe rselcoe at entouchonline.net
Sun Oct 16 05:51:00 CEST 2016

Dear Seqfans,

Many thanks to those who have responded - including those who (wisely) 
expressed skepticism that the proof is correct.  I realize it's a long shot; 
but as far as I can tell there's nothing disputable about anything in the 
paper except possibly one thing that will make or break the proof.  Of 
course, that "one thing" could be wrong, but hopefully not.

I've gotten several requests to read the paper, and a variety of 
recommendations on how to proceed -  ranging from putting it out as soon as 
possible on ArXiv and submit it to a journal so others can review it, to 
proceeding with caution so as not to disclose too much until friend of a 
friend with expertise in this area has a chance to check it for flaws.  My 
initial thought was just put it out there, but for now I'm going to wait a 
little bit to see if the expert is willing to review it first.

Since I'm not a professional scholar, if anyone else has advice on the 
matter I'm all ears.

And I will certainly forward a copy to anyone interested, once I make the 
decision to make it available.

Thanks again,

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Subject: [seqfan] Proof of Legendre's Conjecture? and a request for advice

> Dear Seqfans,
> I believe I can prove Legendre's Conjecture, i.e., that there exists at
> least one prime in [(n-1)^2, (n^2].  The proof is short (about 2 pages in 
> a
> 3-page paper in Word) and fairly straightforward, I think.
> Hopefully it is error-free or requires only minor revisions; of course,
> it may have deeper flaws.  Either way, I would like to present the paper 
> for
> peer review.  If the proof is correct, I think it could have some impact 
> on
> many integer sequences.
> Since I have no experience formatting and submitting journal articles,  I
> reached out to a friend (professor and researcher at Scripps and Caltech,
> not a mathematician) for advice on how to proceed; he contacted a 
> prominent
> officer in the MAA on my behalf, who suggested I first contact one of the
> editors on OEIS for this purpose.  Since I have not heard back from the
> editor after nearly 3 weeks, I am asking advice from the general
> community here.
> Would someone please be willing to assist me?  Any help would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Bob Selcoe
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