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David Wilson davidwwilson at comcast.net
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Suppose the SG primes to have a slowly decreasing density d(n) around n (like the density 1/log(n) for primes).
a(n) counts the number of SG primes on the interval [p(n) ^2, p(n+1)^2], with p(n) = nth prime.
So we will have

=~ d(p(n)^2) * (p(n+1)^2 - p(n)^2)
= d(p(n)^2) * (p(n+1) + p(n)) * (p(n+1) - p(n))
=~ d(p(n)^2) * 2p(n) * (p(n+1) - p(n))

The first two factors change relatively smoothly, the last factor is the prime gap, and fluctuates more or less randomly between positive even integers.
So each of the kth "line" in the plot of a(n) likely includes the elements a(n) where the prime gap (p(n+1) - p(n)) = 2k.

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