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One thing I would emphasize from one of Joerg's message just a few messages
ago in this thread is to not start from the point of view of wanting to add
new sequence entries.

If instead you start from the assumption that every useful and/or
interesting sequence is *already* in the OEIS, you will find yourself
pleasantly surprised when a sequence with a straightforward definition is
not in the OEIS, nor any variation of it that you can think of.

Also look at the sequences pertaining to chemical elements. Thanks to the
periodic table, we can readily sort chemical elements that share a certain
property by atomic number. But as soon as we start trying to sort them by
weight of lightest or heaviest isotope, we're likely to run into problems
where we need to put a bunch of asterisks in the Data field.

Asterisks are my main problem with a lot of these planetary sequences.


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> Well, OK - but part of its fame is from its inclusion in the books and the
> Franklin T. Adams-Watters
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> A53 is THE subway sequence, and it was one of the original sequencesin the
> database in 1964.It is one of the first sequences that peopleask about
> when they hear about the OEIS.It has appeared in many books,and it would of
> course be accepted today.Right from the start, one of the explictly stated
> goals of the OEIS was tohelp people solve IQ tests.Best regardsNeilNeil J.
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> 3:57 PM, Frank Adams-Watters <franktaw at netscape.net>wrote:> One can't
> always use what is in the OEIS as a guide to what will be> accepted. There
> are a number of non-mathematical sequences added early on> that would not
> be accepted today. A000053, as one example.>> Franklin T. Adams-Watters>>>>
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