[seqfan] Re: A086953

Vladimir Shevelev shevelev at bgu.ac.il
Sun Aug 6 14:23:18 CEST 2017

Dear SeqFans,

Finally, I understood the origin of
author's error. Instead of a(n+3)=
A024495(n)/2, it should be
a(n+3)/2=A024495(n+2), i.e., 
it's just not there put the division by 2.
The construction a(n+3)/2 for n>=0
is clear: only beginning with n=3
all terms are positive and even.
I wanted to recover the corrected text
COMMENTS   a(n+3)/2=A024495(n+2)
but I ran out of my limit of 3 submissions.

Best regards,
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shevelev at bgu.ac.il (Vladimir Shevelev) writes:
> the formula: "COMMENTS   a(n+3)=A024495(n)/2"

Re your a(3*k+1) = 2*A024495(3*k), just comparing sample values it looks
like that might hold for all n, ie. A086953 without initial 1 = 2*A024495.

There might also be a vaguely similar binomials A111927 = A024493 - 1 if
you were keen.  A111927 already has a cross ref to A024495.

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