[seqfan] Need part-time help processing citations of OEIS

Neil Sloane njasloane at gmail.com
Sun Dec 10 19:02:23 CET 2017

Dear Seqfans,
We need someone to work a few hours a week processing citations
of the OEIS. Must be a US resident, and a NJ resident
would be best of all (although not essential).

Every couple of days Google sends us a list of recent articles that
have mentioned the OEIS. The job is to process these, adding the
articles to the web pages "Works Citing OEIS"
(see https://oeis.org/wiki/Works_Citing_OEIS),
and, if any A-numbers are mentioned in the article,
adding references or links from those sequences back to the article.
The job might take about four hours a week.
For more details about the work see the above link.

This is an important job: when someone hears about the OEIS,
they always say is "what good is it?".  One answer is that
there are over 6000 articles referencing it, often saying
that the discovery was made with the help of the OEIS.
So it is important to keep the list of citations up-to-date.

The work is also interesting: you get to see a lot of
new articles about sequences, often in surprising contexts.
Best of all, you sometimes see "this sequence appears to
match entry A****** in the OEIS but we do not have a proof".

If interested, contact me at njasloane at gmail.com

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