[seqfan] New: Index to constants in the OEIS

Neil Sloane njasloane at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 20:16:59 CET 2017

Dear SeqFans,
I have just created an Index to constants in the OEIS.

If there is an entry A123456 that gives the decimal expansion of the
constant XYZ, then the file contains a line that says:

XYZ: See A123456.

Here is the file:


This is what it says at the top of the page:

   - If there is an entry in the OEIS which gives the decimal expansion of
   some constant XYZ and has A-number A123456 <http://oeis.org/A123456>,
   say, then this file contains a line which says: XYZ: See A123456

   - Warning: this is a very large file, with about 10000 lines.

   - Once it has been cleaned up, this file should be broken up into
   several subfiles.

   - The entries are arranged in the order produced by the Unix "sort -f"

   - There are probably many missing entries, and also entries that should
   not be here. Please help by editing this file.

   - Note that the usual name for a sequence of this type in the OEIS is
   "Decimal expansion of XYZ." (Don't say "Decimal digits of XYZ".)

   - Some of these entries are not exactly the decimal expansion, but are
   closely related to the decimal expansion — that is OK.

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