[seqfan] Re: My page on the Wiki for detected relations between sequences

israel at math.ubc.ca israel at math.ubc.ca
Tue Dec 19 05:44:42 CET 2017

I suggest you explain your notation on that page.  For example, does

A133010 A133011 A135297 A286707    -->    1 1 -1 1    (4)

mean A133010(n) + A133011(n) - A135297(n) + A286707(n) = 0?
What is the 4?

This may be a rather unfortunate example to start with (or perhaps we 
should say, it nicely illustrates the pitfalls of these algorithms). It is 
obvious from the definitions that A133010(n) + A133011(n) = 1. But the 
comment to A286707 states:

  a(n) is not the same as A135297(n) - 1.

So although this relationship may be true for the values given in the Data 
sections, it's not true in general.


On Dec 18 2017, Thomas Baruchel wrote:

>Dear fellow seqfans,
> I finally understood how to use the Wiki; here is my page for 
> algorithmically detected relations in the database: 
> https://oeis.org/wiki/Linear_dependence_between_sequences_of_the_OEIS 
> Tell me if I did something wrong for creating this page.
> Please, feel free to delete whetever doesn't seem relevant or use any 
> result in whatever way. I have several more results that will be added in 
> the days to come.
>Best regards,

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