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This is not directly to your question, but there is considerable literature on variant chess pieces, known generally as fairy chess pieces. We don't want to invent new names when others already exist.


So your piece would be called a (2,3)-leaper or a zebra.

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

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All this talk of queens has made me think of knights.  A018837 gives "then
umber of steps for knight to reach (n,0) on an infinite chessboard.
I'm thinking of an piece which I shall call a 3-2-knight because it may
move 3 boxes horizontally and then 2 boxes vertically, or it  may move 3
boxes vertically  and then 2 boxes horizontally.  (The ordinary chess
knight could be called a 2-1-knight by analogy.)
I tried to compute a sequence analogous to A018837 . I got a sequence which
begins 0,7,4,5,2,7,2 which doesn't seem to be in the OEIS.  Could someone
check the computation?  Is this of interest?  What of i-j-knights for othervalues?

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