[seqfan] Re: R: Number of real roots of polynomial with coefficients +-1, or 0, +-1

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Not sure what you mean by that.  E.g. x^5-x^4+x^3-x^2-x+1 has 3 real roots 
while x^5-x^4+x^3-x^2-x-1 has one. 


On Feb 26 2017, Luca Petrone wrote:

> I agree with Chai correction and extended by one term, so far. I noticed 
> that polynomials with c_0 and c_n of different sign have always same or 
> more nonzero real roots than polynomials with c_0 and c_n of same sign : 
> can this be demonstrated ? Best Regards, Luca Petrone
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>>OK, I added the third sequence to go along with A282691 and A282692: see
>>A282701. I guess this is probably what Oanh had in mind
>>when we started this discussion.  I put down a guess for the initial
>>entries, hoping that Chai Wah or Edwin or Luca will correct them if
>>necessary, and also extend them!
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