[seqfan] Re: Puzzle sequence A288573

David Wilson davidwwilson at comcast.net
Mon Jul 3 16:26:36 CEST 2017

Let's look at the following random Smarandache-related link from the OEIS:


we find mention of a "Smarandance Factor Partition Function" from the prime signature of n to the number of factorizations of n (either A001055(n) or A074206(n)).
The fact that factorizations are a function of prime signature is elementary number theory that would have been obvious to, say, Gauss or Euler.
So here we have Smarandache attaching his name to a middle-school concept which he neither originated nor advances.

Again, it has been known forever that the power of prime p in n! is (n - sum of base-p digits of n)/(p - 1), I actually found this in a high school algebra text (from back in the day, obviously).
I have also read the paper where Smarandache attaches his name to this function.

I think you see the pattern.
If you read any of Smarandache's work, you will find him attaching his name to some two-bit f, g or h from an introductory number theory text.
If his papers were patent applications, they would be rejected citing prior art.

Smarandache is throwing shit against the wall, hoping some will stick, and sadly, too much of it has.
Sadder still, a lot of that shit is in the OEIS.
If I were writing my own paper about some Smarandache-hijacke concept, I would take pains to omit reading or citing any work mentioning his name.
I would further suggest that scraping all entries mentioning Smarandache from the OEIS would improve its quality and be a service to its users.
We don't want to point them to trash.

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