[seqfan] New index-entry for fraction trees.

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> > Maybe we need an index entry for these fraction trees?
> Antti, that would be a great idea. Can you get it started?
> It would go under,
> fractions, trees of,
> in this part of the Index:
>  https://oeis.org/wiki/Index_to_OEIS:_Section_Fo

Yes, it is now there with the anchor:

And I already added the following line:
<a href="/index/Fo#fraction_trees">Index entries for fraction trees</a>
to the Links-section of A002487.

Not knowing better, I tentatively named some of these with the surnames of
their submitters,
e.g. Hanna, Kimberling, Wilson, Yurramendi.

If anybody knows more fitting names, or fraction tree systems still missing
from that list, then please let me know or edit that index entry by

(What does HCS mean, by the way?)


Antti Karttunen,
(an associate editor in OEIS).

> but there should be cross-references to it from other parts of the Index
> where the individual trees (Stern-Brocot, etc) are mentioned.
> Best regards
> Neil
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