[seqfan] Rif: Re: A new and surprisingly hard elementary number theory question

john.mason at lispa.it john.mason at lispa.it
Wed May 10 17:45:37 CEST 2017

Hi all,
Thinking about this sequence, I asked myself:

given a sequence of consecutive integers x(1) thru x(n) having tau values 
t(1) thru t(n), is there a construction mechanism that will produce 
consecutive integers y(1) thru y(n) (distinct from x(1) etc) which have 
tau values u(1) thru u(n) such that:
1. u(i) = t(i) for all i
2. u(i) = t(i) + k, for all i and some constant k
3. any variant on the same theme


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