[seqfan] Re: 54 years of work for nothing?

Neil Sloane njasloane at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 06:29:47 CET 2018

I was wrong - there are about 24 A-numbers in those thousand pages.
I easily found 75 further sequences that could profitably have been labeled
with A-numbers
(and thus giving values, references, etc.), 22 in the first chapter alone.
On page 25 what the book calls irreducible permutations are usually called
indecomposable  or connected permutations - see A003319 (I have added the
alternative name).
Page 183 calls the numbers R_n "surjection numbers". The usual names for
these famous numbers (A000670, one of the longest entries in the OEIS) are
Fubini numbers, or numbers of preferential arrangements.
I've added references to the book from all 100 sequences.


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