[seqfan] Offline Encyclopedia?

Georg.Fischer georg.fischer at t-online.de
Fri Dec 28 10:06:05 CET 2018

Hello Andras,

you wrote on Dec 27, 2018:>   A somewhat related thought: it would be 
nice to see a published version of "The Off-Line Encyclopedia of Integer 
Sequences" so that OEIS can survive the upcoming meteor collision. I am 
sure someone could make a kickstarter or gofundme campaign for it.
When I understand "published" right as "printed":
There are currently about 5.8 mio. lines of sequence descriptions
in the internal format. With 58 lines per page that would result in 
100,000 printed pages. The 1985 version of the EIS had 590 pages and
a thickness of 4.4 cm, so the printed OEIS would have 170 volumes
fitting in 7.45 m of book shelf space. I think almost nobody would like
to pay for the printing nor buy these volumes, also since they will
be outdated after a few years.

For subselections of Wikipedia articles there is a German company
where you specify a collection of (related) articles, and they
send you a nice printed book with colored images.

"Publishing" the entire OEIS is possible as an eBook, in epub format
for example. The Wikipedia provides monthly dumps in various
languages, and from corresponding OEIS dumps the eBook(s) could be 

Precautions for the meteor (hitting eastern USA) or, more probable,
a server desaster, user error, malware infection etc.
are yet another theme. Such dangers could be lowered by
OEIS dumps again which are copied to several servers spread
over the world, with or without openly publishing the contents
of the OEIS.

And, by the way, my opinion is that the OEIS lives from the
editing community.

Regards - Georg

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