[seqfan] Re: Do you know somebody of Project Gutenberg's staff?

Allan Wechsler acwacw at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 19:42:22 CET 2018

The decision to block *all *of Project Gutenberg's content in Germany was
not an accident nor an oversight. One could argue that it was not a correct
decision, but this would be a political argument inappropriate to this

The CEO of the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation (PGLAF) is Dr.
Gregory Newby; his email address is gbnewby (at) pglaf.org.

On Mon, Dec 31, 2018 at 11:22 AM Georg.Fischer <georg.fischer at t-online.de>

> Hello,
> while chasing for broken links in the OEIS I stumbled
> over the strange fact that *all* files of Project Gutenberg (PG)
> are blocked in Germany.
> Details are described in <https://cand.pglaf.org/germany/index.html>,
> but as I understand it PG lost a copyright lawsuit against
> S. Fischer Verlag in Frankfurt/Germany because PG offers *18* German
> titles of Thomas Mann (Buddenbrooks), Heinrich Mann and Alfrd Döblin,
> In Germany the copyright expires only 70 years after the death of
> the authors (in 1950, 1955 and 1957).
> Subsequently PG implemented a total blocking of German users,
> not a selective one for those 18 titles. Therefore we also cannot
> currently access links to *Project Gutenberg files in 58 OEIS sequences*.
> My question is whether there is anybody in the OEIS community
> who knows somebody in the staff of Project Gutenberg.
> With my good wishes for the New Year -
> Georg
> (from the Black Forest in south-west Germany)
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