[seqfan] Paper about A269254

Andrew N W Hone A.N.W.Hone at kent.ac.uk
Wed Feb 7 03:52:01 CET 2018

Dear Seqfans, 

After keeping schtum about this topic on the mailing list for a few months, I have completed a paper with Ed Jeffery and Bob Selcoe which proves the observed factorization patterns related to the -1 terms in A269254: 


It is about to be submitted to Journal of Integer Sequences. The whole thing took a while longer than expected, because we also solved the analogous factorization problem for the sequences that appear in the definition of A269252 (for which we had not noticed the close connection to A269254 before). We also began a study of the pattern of prime appearances in the sequences where there is no factorization, and this has led to some new OEIS entries. 

Several other people on the mailing list made contributions to the work at various different stages, for which we are very grateful, and we have tried to acknowledge everyone in the paper, but if anyone has been left out, please let me know. 

Best wishes,

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