[seqfan] Re: Bad pdf file in A002369?

Joerg Arndt arndt at jjj.de
Sun Feb 25 18:39:08 CET 2018

* Fred Lunnon <fred.lunnon at gmail.com> [Feb 25. 2018 18:28]:
>   Partly ... but if you do need an "intelligent" program to progress further
> (after comparing early terms with the "simple" one), then reverse
> "modding out" to recover the fixed counts as well; and publish both
> free and fixed counts.

Well, I at first had no modding out in the code
and made sure the sequences are in the OEIS,
in fact having more terms than I could get.

>   Another feature of fixed counts is that they are typically smoother than
> free, so that empirical estimates of asymptotic behaviour are more
> consistent using the same amount of data.

Thanks and best regards,   jj

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