[seqfan] Re: Maximal number of touching points between unit spheres

Richard J. Mathar mathar at mpia-hd.mpg.de
Wed Feb 28 11:11:20 CET 2018

Regarding http://list.seqfan.eu/pipermail/seqfan/2018-February/018388.html :
While the general problem (as discussed by Bezdek) is tough,
the setting for A214813 is explicitly on the fcc lattice.
So there is only a finite number of configurations to be
checked for the maximum kissing number; extending A214813
ought to be not so difficult, because there is only a finite
set of clusters of non-isolated spheres on the fcc lattice.

The OEIS also has an equivalent sequence for the maximum number
of touching coins on a hexagonal (2D) grid.


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