[seqfan] Editing Four Sequences - Awaiting Help

P. Michael Hutchins pmh232 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 15:39:01 CET 2018

I am currently editing the Sequences A163777,  A163778,  A163779, and

They are all almost identical in their Comments section, and all have the
same problems of readibility and outright errors.

I have written a (second) replacement for the first two paragraphs of the
Comments for A163777 and A163778, to be linked to from the Links section.

I am hoping that Neil will succeed in his efforts to find an Editor to help
me through this.

I intend to keep these edits open until this is resolved, unless directed
(I don't know what the official procedure is for this.)

I have one immediate problem:  how to get into the form of Edit that shows
the pink boxes and allows me to enter notes.
(So far, I've been able to do this for only one Entry at a time.)

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