[seqfan] A Sequential Puzzle

charliemath at optonline.net charliemath at optonline.net
Sat Mar 24 15:21:06 CET 2018

Some SeqFans may already be acquainted with a weekly column  entitled 
Varsity Math, published Saturdays in the Wall St. Journal's Review 

The second ot two problems in today's edition is called The Missing 
Element and reads as follows:

The open-ended sequence ...35,45, 60, q, 120,180,280, 450, 744, 1260,... 
has an undisclosed element, q.  Find a simple continuous function to 
generate the sequence and compute the surprise answer for q.

I did a search for any sequence that contains 35 45 60 120 180 280 450 
744 1260.
Seqence A103252 contains each value except 744.  No sequence contains 
all 9 values.

I'm guessing this sequence, once found, will make its way into OEIS.


Charlie Marion

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