[seqfan] Sequences in "DIE ZEIT". Oct 04 2018 , p. 40

Lang, Wolfdieter (ITP) wolfdieter.lang at partner.kit.edu
Sat Oct 6 14:34:48 CEST 2018

Dear seqfans,
the German weekly "DIE ZEIT", Oct 04 2018, has a graphical page (p. 40, Nr. 486 in their sequence of such pages) on some special number sequences.
OEIS and Wikipedia are quoted by the author Christoph Drösser.
The considered sequences are (the A-numbers were not given, and 'Zahl' should have been 'Zahlen'):

A063990  amicable numbers [Befreundete Zahlen]
A019279  superperfect numbers [Superperfekte Zahl]
A007770  happy numbers [Fröhliche Zahl]
A003117  unhappy numbers [Traurige Zahl]
A001694  powerful numbers [Potente Zahlen]
A014575  vampire numbers [Vampirzahl]

My comment on A001694. Actually 2-powerful numbers. In A001694 it is (not quite correctly) also called 2-full.

Best regards
Wolfdieter Lang

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