[seqfan] Coincidence search lists

Georg.Fischer georg.fischer at t-online.de
Wed Oct 10 11:48:24 CEST 2018

Hello seqfans,

as some of you may have noted, I'm currently
automatically scanning for pairs of sequences which,
starting at the first term >= 4, show the same terms in
their entries (if there are more than 5).
I do not (yet) mechanically compare any b-files.

The detailled procedure is described at
There you find links to the HTML lists resulting
from the scans.

My goal is not so much to detect duplicates (there
may be various reasons for them), but to find
mathematical connections not stated in the entries
so far.

In cases which are obvious to me, I may enter
(into the newer sequence) either
- a crossreference
- a formula
- a comment
   . "Appears to be the same...",
   . "Differs from ... starting at n=..."
   . "Essentially the same as ..."
Sometimes I will ask the authors whether they can
verify/falsify the connection.

Even for the false positives a backreference from the
newer to the older sequence may avoid future investigations
by OEIS users. I do not care for sequence pairs when
such a backreference exists.

If you look into the lists, and if you change sequences
accordingly, you might (but need not) send me a short
email. Same for any comments/proposals of course.

Best regards - Georg

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