[seqfan] Re: Shared digits in squares

Georg.Fischer georg.fischer at t-online.de
Mon Oct 15 16:01:32 CEST 2018

Dear Seqfans,

in 2009, Jonathan Wellons defined 336 OEIS sequences in the range 
A136808 - A137146. They are based on the decimal digits, but more 
interesting as it might seem at first sight. Some are perhaps finite, 
some seem to be hard. For some patterns a proof is outstanding.
I think that some could have a connection to cellular automata.

The sequences link to Jonathan's homepage, but jonathanwellons.com
is no longer accessible. I wrote an email to the address cited on his 
archived pages, but without reply (so far).

If have restored the page, and I have some ideas for the proofs,
so if anybody of you finds the time, he could look at
for the details.

I think that the links should be repaired in one batch run,
but before, I would need some advice and help from the editors:
What information should be included in the overview page to
be linked?

Best regards - Georg

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