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israel at math.ubc.ca israel at math.ubc.ca
Sun Sep 9 07:37:28 CEST 2018

More generally, 

arccos(3*y-4*y^3) + 3*arcsin(y) = Pi/2

for -1/2 <= y <= 1/2.


On Sep 8 2018, Brad Klee wrote:

>Hi Seqfans,
>The OEIS works well as a searchable database of mathematical constants,
>so why shouldn't we generate a few ideas for growing this type of content?
>Stanislov Sykora has already started on Steradian Solid Angles, nice work!
>Through solid geometry of A236555 and A236556, we discovered an identity:
>arccos(23/27) + 3*arcsin(1/3) = Pi/2 .

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