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You said:

"“Dimension of the space of weight 2n cusp forms for Gamma_0(48).”

(which means nothing to me...)."

Sorry to hear that!

Cusp forms are an important subject in number theory.  Part of the theory
of modular forms.
There are a huge number of books.  You might start by reading Gunning's
little Princeton book.
It will change your life.  The subject is sometimes referred to as a
fairyland of mathematics (with good reason).

There are also about 500 other sequences that mention cusp forms.

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On Wed, Aug 21, 2019 at 3:39 PM David Sycamore via SeqFan <
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> Hello Seqfans,
> The Name of the above sequence says:
> “Dimension of the space of weight 2n cusp forms for Gamma_0(48).”
> (which means nothing to me...).
> Data: 3,18,34,66,82,98,114,130,146,162....
> Can anyone please explain what is meant by the Name? There is a link
> entitled “Dimensions of the spaces S_k(Gamma_0(N))” but it leads to a
> message saying “Sorry, the website....cannot be found”. Also there are no
> Comments or examples given.
> A formula a(n)=2(8n-7) is conjectured, which seems to work.
> Unless I am mistaken another possible formula for these terms could be:
> a(n)= A(B(n-1)+1) - A(B(n-2)+1) , for n>1
> Where A is A000217 and B is A016813.
> Any explanation or comments?
> Cheers,
> David.
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