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I would say there has to be a good scientific reason to include
a song as a sequence in the OEIS.

When we first set up the procedure for converting a sequence to sounds,
David Applegate and I made one example as a test case, a proof-of-concept,
which is Fuer Elise.  We took the main thread of the music, and converted
it to A123456 (easy to remember).  If you compare the data for the entry
with the musical score,
you can see what we did.

You could also look at (I quote from the "listen" page of any sequence:

For other ways to listen to sequences, try Jonathan Middleton's   [image:
Music Algorithms] <http://musicalgorithms.ewu.edu/algorithms/import.html>
web site.

One acceptable reason for including a piece of music as a sequence would be
if the music is based on mathematical concepts.  Some of Bach's music might
although at present we have no sequences based on Bach's compositions.
We do have these examples:
A056239 <https://oeis.org/play?seq=A056239> (Karl Aage Rasmussen) A004718
<https://oeis.org/play?seq=A004718> (Per Noergaard)
Both are well-known Scandinavian contemporary composers.

Sequence fan Michael Nyvang <human at michaelnyvang.com>
who presently lives in Paris is our unofficial music consultant.

I will make an entry in the FAQ file on the wiki for this Q and A.

Best regards

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On Fri, Jun 14, 2019 at 4:54 PM Felix Fröhlich <felix.froe at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear SeqFans,
> lets say I have a specific song in mind that I would like to transform into
> a sequence so that the "Listen to a sequence" feature of the OEIS plays
> that song. How exactly is this done? How does one know which sequence terms
> produce which sound? And is there a way to listen to sequences without
> having to submit them first so that one can prepare such a sequence before
> possibly submitting to the OEIS? And, most importantly, should the OEIS
> even have more songs as sequences?
> Thanks for any possible advice.
> Felix
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