[seqfan] Re: Getting an integer sequence for a specific song - new keywords "cult", "depr"?

Georg.Fischer georg.fischer at t-online.de
Mon Jun 17 12:50:31 CEST 2019

I'm inclined to Antti's preference for OEIS->music
over music->OEIS.

In the latter case I would like to see a keyword

   "cult" = "cultural", "socl" = "social", "nmat" =
   "non-mathematical" (or whatever you invent),

which would allow to block such sequences from any
mechanical attempt to find a generating function or
linear recurrence, generate a program etc. for them.

That's not to say that such "cult" sequences should
not enter the OEIS (I just entered one) - I would
only prefer if they were clearly marked.
If new keywords would be contemplated at all
(I have the impression that such discussions were
given up long before my time), I would also propose
a less drastical companion of "dead" and "dumb", namely

   "depr" = "deprecated" or "repl" = "replaced".

Often a sequence is kept for historical reasons, but
there is an improved new version. "depr" would clearly
indicate this fact, and that further changes,
additional programs etc. should be applied to the
improved sequence.

Regards - Georg

Am 17.06.2019 um 11:31 schrieb Antti Karttunen:
 > I think it's the opposite direction, turning sequences (and other
 > mathematical structures) to songs that's much more fertile field in
 > the long run.
 > For example, the discussion about the longest period of Life-patterns
 > on nxn toroidal grid is inspired by this sequence:
 > https://oeis.org/A179412
 > That pattern generates very nice dynamics / rhythm, when the rows of
 > the grid are read in binary and supplied as velocity-values for the
 > MIDI-notes, in this music machine I built from an old chess computer
 > and whatever parts and components:
 > Note that the "melody" itself is generated from completely different
 > input, FPGA iterating over permutations of eight notes. Together, they
 > suffice to generate subtly changing algorithmic music for many days as
 > there are LCM(132, 8!) = 443520 rounds before it will repeat itself.
 > (Verilog-sources here: https://github.com/karttu/lifemidi )
 > Best,
 > Antti
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