[seqfan] Website linked in A242888 and A242889

Felix Fröhlich felix.froe at gmail.com
Sun Jun 23 11:57:07 CEST 2019

Dear SeqFans,

when I created A242888 and A242889, I based the data on the illustrations
produced by the app on the linked website in these sequences. However, now
I can no longer access this app and I suspect this may be due to the app
being written for an older version of Java (though I may be wrong).

Is anyone able to access the website and access the app on that website? If
so, could someone use the app to generate the two tilings with 7-fold
symmetry, one time with shift (n-1)/2n and one time with shift 1/n? What I
want to do is I want to find the substitution rules for generating these
two tilings in order to produce illustrations and more terms for these two

I tried in my graphics program to find the substitution rules for the three
rhomb tiles of the 7-fold tilings, but failed to achieve this. I believe it
would be easier if I had an idea of what the actual patches of tiles
surrounding the "Sun" and "Star" in the 7-fold case looked like.

If you can make these screenshots as specified above, could you send them
to me via E-Mail in an attachement?

Best regards


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