[seqfan] Re: Need help understanding Mma program for A132194

Wouter Meeussen wouter.meeussen at telenet.be
Tue May 21 20:25:58 CEST 2019

oh horror!

the sequence as given is 0 iff p(n)=1 mod 3, else 1

the mma formula goes like this:

if p(n) mod 3 =0 then 1
if p(n) mod 3 = 1 then 0 else 1 endelse

%N A132194 a(n) = 0 if n-th prime is 1 mod 3, otherwise 1.


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Dear Seqfans,  Could someone who understands Mma figure out what the
program for A132194 is doing?  It generates the data all right, but the
words in the NAME line don't match the data.  We give priority to the
numbers.  So what exactly is this sequence?  Could someone edit the
sequence and correct the NAME ?

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