[seqfan] Scott Shannon's Enots Wolley sequence A336957

Neil Sloane njasloane at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 19:10:05 CEST 2020

Obviously this is an inverted version of the Yellowstone sequence A098550 !
The name Enots Wolley is for personal use only, it must not be mentioned in
print!  We frown on such made-up names.

The original idea was due to Scott, and then I came up with the canonical
definition. Hans H., Eric A., Remy S., this should be right up your alley!

So would one of you please prove the conjecture that this is a permutation
of the set {1, all numbers with at least two distinct prime factors} ?

I can't even prove that every number 2*p (p prime) appears, or that there
are infinitely many even terms (although I've found a dozen false proofs).


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