[seqfan] A140478

Hans Havermann gladhobo at bell.net
Fri Feb 21 23:46:55 CET 2020

The recent Numberphile video on "Strings and Loops within Pi" had me looking at A232013 and A232014. I had created a couple of tables back in 2014 allowing one to see what happens to the numbers 1-100 in each sequence. Then I noticed A140478 which evolves the number 8 (as per A232013). I'm not sure about a(23)-a(25) in that sequence because a(23) is given as 49758998 and my own 2014 table suggests 49758988. If I am right then a(23) to a(28) are: 49758988, 191873638, 1718045848, 4235464084, 955635320, 2807341746.

Alas my recent run-in with fallibility suggests that I better ask for confirmation before I do any editing.

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