[seqfan] Re: Why does this sequence make a staircase pattern?

Hans Havermann gladhobo at bell.net
Tue Feb 18 02:12:21 CET 2020

I've just updated my graph with a 19th plateau:


I've also added color info. The green points are singletons. The plateaus (as I've defined them) alternate red and blue.

> On Feb 17, 2020, at 12:14 PM, Hans Havermann <gladhobo at bell.net> wrote:
> 18 {779926646,780002264,775947645,780113799,779493578,779929006,780317203,780083215,780083182,780388991,780388416} -> 788554337
> I count 125 "plateau" numbers thus far. Out of 137 points. That leaves 12 singletons (plateaus of length one), record-length sequences whose final term is (1 or) a prime.

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