[seqfan] Re: Prime numbers that differ by 30 with no primes between p and p+30

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            You are correct that 69623 is the smallest prime such that its immediate predecessor prime and its immediate successor prime are both separated from it by 30. Here are the next such primes up through the 100,000th prime: 110681, 134639, 228677, 237821, 250919, 303187, 318949, 396479, 421943, 498301, 507461, 535273, 554347, 629653, 642457, 642487, 668273, 692191, 716033, 729821, 780553, 782611, 790927, 801247, 825161, 829319, 847423, 892321, 902903, 940127, 942479, 963943, 995273, 1027097, 1058891, 1058921, 1063273, 1072763, 1080383, 1090303, 1118599, 1123777, 1176323, 1193399, 1213981, 1234657.

            That sequence does not appear in the OEIS. Is it of sufficient interest?

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I was motivated by David Seal's posting to wonder what the situation was for a similar but much better known series, namely prime pairs.

  A001359 is the lesser of each pair, primes p such that p+2 is also prime

  A006512 is the greater of each pair, primes p such hat p-2 is also prime

  A001097 is their union as a set, with 5 occurring once

  A077800 is their union as a multiset, with 5 occurring twice

It is probably not desirable that every sequence involving pairs should have all four versions in OEIS, though!

The union version for (p,p+30) being consecutive primes would face the same problem as for 5 with the prime pairs: should the p such that

(p-30,p,p+30) are consecutive primes, occur once or twice? [The smallest such p is 69623, and there are undoubtedly infinitely many of them.]


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