[seqfan] Re: This is a Penrose tiling?

Fred Lunnon fred.lunnon at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 05:37:21 CET 2020

  No, but it's an interesting fake!

  Neither a pukka Penrose rhomb infinite sun or star,
therefore the matching rules are broken somewhere,
and very close to the centre.  But because a fat rhomb
has only binary symmetry (rather than D_4) so that
there are 8 distinct vertex types (rather than 7), it is
not easy to pinpoint exactly where without a crib ...


On 1/6/20, Brad Klee <bradklee at gmail.com> wrote:
> https://oeis.org/A302176/a302176_1.png
> I think no, but could not access the article
> from behind paywall.
> Keyword: more.
> But how can more terms be generated
> when the definition is not freely stated?
> Suggest to fix or mark dead. Sequences
> from R. Sigrist seem to be much better,
> just search “Penrose coordination”.
> —Brad
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