[seqfan] Re: Two triangles of numbers needing formulas, A331430 and A331431.

Georg.Fischer georg.fischer at t-online.de
Sat Jan 18 09:29:04 CET 2020

Dear Neil,

abebooks.com claims that Pallas Books Antiquarian Booksellers
(Leiden, Netherlands) sells the book - I just ordered it for €25+12,
they say it would arrive by Feb 05. I would scan->ocr->pdf
it then. It's already cited in ~20 sequences.

Worldcat.org says that the
   Bibliothèque nationale de France BnF, Paris, 75013 France
has it, too.

Best regards - Georg

Am 18.01.2020 um 00:30 schrieb Neil Sloane:
> Dear SeqFans,
> I was told that one of the online bulletin boards mentioned a sequence in
> the OEIS that was taken from the book   J. Ser, Les Calculs Formels des
> Séries de Factorielles. Gauthier-Villars, Paris, 1933.
> There are three triangles of integers on pages 92 and 93 of Ser, Tables I,
> III, and IV. Yesterday I managed to reverse engineer Table IV, and this is
> now A331432.  In that entry you can see scans of many pages that I made in
> the Brown University library in about 1970.
> The trouble is, the scans were based on a "photocopy" I made in 1970  on an
> ancient copying machine, and both the photocopy and the scans of the
> photocopy are essentially illegible.
> I have struggled with trying to explain Tables I and III, but I have not
> been able to crack them.  So I created entries for them, A331430 and
> A331431, hoping that someone will be able to explain them.
> The sections of Ser's book where they are defined are included in the
> scans, so someone who knows French, has a strong magnifying glass,  and is
> good at guessing may be able to read them
> Summary: Ser's table IV has been solved and is A331432. But what are Tables
> I and III,  A331430 and A331431?
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