[seqfan] Re: Table in arXiv 2007.03957

Wouter Meeussen wouter.meeussen at telenet.be
Thu Jul 9 12:10:18 CEST 2020

only matches A001037 "    Number of degree-n irreducible polynomials over 
GF(2); number of n-bead necklaces with beads of 2 colors when turning over 
is not allowed and with primitive period n; number of binary Lyndon words of 
length n. "

what other candidates do you see (that I don't)?


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Dear Seqfans,

On page 6 of this paper, there is a Table with 5 beginnings of sequence.
But there are several OEIS candidates for each ...
Is it possible to know what are the correct OEIS entries for them ?

Thanks and regards.

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