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This sequence and A163491 are ordinal transforms of each other.

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

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Hello seqfans,

A087088 claims to be "the simplest nontrivial sequence" such that removing
every "1" gives the same result as adding 1 to every term. Ruler
sequences, such as A001511, share this property, so does anyone have a
clear idea how "simplest nontrivial" might be defined?

And can anyone shed light on the reason its offset is 3? [1]

Best Regards,


[1] Apart from the b-file, the rest of the sequence is written as though
the offset is 1 (so formulas are strictly incorrect). The relationship to
A244040 contributed by Edgar and Van Alstine is neatest with offset 1 or
offset 0. A relationship I discovered recently (comment in
https://oeis.org/A024629) is clearly neatest if the offset is 1, whilst my
work on symmetry (https://oeis.org/history/view?seq=A087088&v=25) and with
A335933 suggests an OEIS-incompatible offset of 1.5 .

As we are only now starting to refer from other sequences to terms of
A087088, it seems a good time to settle on a good offset. Unless anyone
knows a good reason for keeping it as 3, offset 1 seems better.

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