[seqfan] Two questions about A287151 and A292357

Jean-Luc Manguin jean-luc.manguin at unicaen.fr
Fri Jun 5 14:06:46 CEST 2020


After considering A287151 and A292357, I have two questions : 

1) These series count "fixed" structures, I mean they do not take in account possible rotations or symmetries ; I did not manage to find their equivalent for "one-sided" structures nor for "free" structures (except A268371, which is much less developped). Does anyone know if this kind of sequence exist in OEIS ? 

2) These series count the total of structures in a m x n rectangle, but I would like to find detailed information about the number of cells (or elements) in the structures, as in A054252 for the squares, and A226048 for 2 x n rectangles, etc... ; my question is similar to the first one : does anyone know if this kind of sequence exist in OEIS ? 

In addition : I have data, but I try to search sequences starting from my data, and I got nothing ; anyway I prefer to ask first because they might exist in a different format (table read by antidiagonal, for instance). 

Thank you by advance for the answers. 
Best regards. 

JL Manguin 

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